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Check out the calculator on the home page (not now, though) and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised that your salary is more than competitive in the Sunshine State. And when you factor into the equation that Florida has no state income tax and a lower cost of living, it’s easy to see that your money goes much further in Ocala. Buy another round of craft beers!

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Professional Advancement

Because the professional services field is growing so rapidly in Ocala, you can practically write your ticket to the top of the corporate ladder here. Before long, you’ll be able to find your client base or build your book of business very quickly. If you have the drive and the talent—and we’re betting you do—Ocala is looking for its next generation of managers, community leaders, and CEOs. Are you up for the challenge?

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Quality of Life

Have we mentioned our sunshine? Did we say something about all our cool outdoor activities and our pretty hip downtown? Life is just easier in Ocala, a growing city that has still retained its small-town character. While you were shoveling snow this past winter, we were more than likely in t-shirts and shorts. No flip-flops, though. Those are for summer!

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Ocala is one of the southeast’s best-kept secrets. But word is quickly getting out that this area is home to many vibrant industries, including healthcare, horses, logistics, manufacturing, and professional services. Recently, the Census Bureau ranked Ocala as “one of the fastest growing metros in the county” and Forbes named us as a “top 10 metro for future job growth.” It’s not an Oscar, but we’ll take it!

Ocala is also a fun place. From some of the best ziplining and watersport activities in the country to arts and culture galore, Ocala has no shortage of big-city amenities—or small-town charm.

Of course, you’ve probably found this page because we invited you here and you’re curious where the next step in your career may take you. Well, the professional opportunities in Ocala are as bright as the Florida sunshine. New logistics facilities by AutoZone, FedEx, and Chewy, as well as the steady influx of affluent retirees, have created a huge need for insurance and financial services, attorneys, and accountants, to name a few. If you search just those career fields at, you’ll probably see over 650 jobs available in these specialties alone right now.

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We literally wrote the book on Ocala! The latest relocation guide will answer all your questions on why we think this is a great place to live, work, and play.

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